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Fun Lunch

Last modified: Oct 4, 2017

Fun Lunch is back at AMES and is better than ever! We will be having fun lunch 2 times a month beginning on Thursday, October 5th. We will be offering lunch from Paisans Pizzeria in Berwyn and will have a different schedule of foods, so please make note of the days and offerings for that day. Each meal will include an entrée, side offering, and a dessert. Students are responsible for their own beverage. Each meal is $5.00. For allergy or nutritional information contact Kelly Tabb at kmt0906@yahoo.com

Order forms are available to download here.  Orders must be turned into the Ames office no later than Thursday, September 28th.

Orders are now CLOSED for Fun Lunch during the first half of the school year.  Please check back in January to view ordering information for the second half of the school year.