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Fundraising: Silent Auction, Cash Raffle, Giving Tree

Last modified: Oct 13, 2017

CASH RAFFLE.  Selling cash raffle tickets to neighbors, grandparents and other relatives is a great way involve the larger community in supporting the Ames Cultural Arts programs. 1 ticket is $5, 6 tickets are $25. The student who sells the most raffle tickets receives $100 from the PTA! After selling the tickets, return all ticket stubs, cash and checks in an envelope to the Ames office or your child’s teacher, with their name on the envelope. Your child can request more tickets to sell in the Ames office. All tickets must be returned by Wednesday, October 25th to be counted in the student competition.

Cash prize winners of $500, $250 and $100 will be drawn at the event. The winner does not need to be present to win.

GIVING TREE.  The Cultural Arts Giving Tree is new this year and located in the Ames School office. The Giving Tree is a way for anyone to make a direct donation to Ames Cultural Arts programs. To give, simply choose a colored envelope with the dollar amount and program that you would like to support, place your cash or check in the envelope, and return to the Ames office. Two Giving Trees will be on display at Paisans the night of the Fall Festival.


BUSINESS/PARENT DONATIONS. Please patronize these businesses as often as possible. Thank you!

American Girl Doll of the Year (2015), Grace
Artopolis gift card
Art Institute Chicago membership
The Celtics Soccer Club, Nick Berbari private session
Chicago Shakespeare Theater tickets to Red Velvet
Flying High birthday party
Galloping Ghost
The MAX Aquatics
Wine and cigars from the Udelson family


Crash the Teacher’s Lounge with Mrs. Bereckis, Mrs. Caby, Mrs. Downes, Ms. Hall, Mrs. Karrison, Ms. Levin, Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Ross, and Mrs. Showel  

Holiday cookie baking in the teacher’s lounge with Mrs. Collins

Hip Hop class with Mrs. Jagust

Be a Librarian with Mrs. Prodanich

CLASSROOM CREATIONS. A very hearfelt thank you to Ames art teacher, Mrs. King, for creating these classroom works of art! And to Mrs. Russo, Mom to Coco (2nd) and Basil (Kdg PM), for volunteering in the art classroom and spending countless hours at home adding the finishing touches to these special projects. 

Kindergarten – large ceramic platters.  Students will learn about texture and how to use hand-building techniques to create texture in clay. Students will use a variety of texture tools to create a design on their own piece. The pieces will be combined to create a platter.

1st Grade – gelli printmaking collages.  Students will learn about printmaking and collage as an art form. They will make wall art through the process of printmaking, cutting, and gluing using a variety of materials.

2nd Grade – fiber arts wallhangings.  Students will learn about fiber arts and textiles and then create their own felt piece to be sewn together into a wall hanging. Students will be able to describe fiber arts as an art form, and explain what process and media they used.

3rd Grade – landscape murals.  Students will learn about different types of landscapes and learn about artists such as Grant Wood and Charles Sovek to inspire their own landscape painting. Students will work in small groups to create a panel for their class mural using masking tape and tempera paints. 

4th Grade – colorful game sets.  Students will learn about the aboriginal dot paintings of Australia. Each class will use images of aboriginal art to inspire their designs in creating a colorful game set.

5th Grade – repousse mirrors.  Students will learn about metal tooling, or repousse, as an art form. They will use metal tooling techniques to create designs in low relief on an individual piece of copper. They will be able to tell the difference between organic and geometric shapes and use a variety of line and pattern. The pieces will be combined to create a beautiful mirror to be displayed in the home.