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Last modified: Oct 13, 2017

Why does a public school need to raise money?

The simple answer is the programs funded by the money raised at the Fall Festival’s Silent Auction are an important part of the Ames family culture. Our artist-in-residence programs, field trips, Lyric Opera House performances, Frank Lloyd Wright tours, etc have given our students amazing experiences that would not be possible without this fundraiser.

I don’t remember this event from last school year?

The Fall Festival is held every other year. The funds raised at this year’s event will support the cultural arts curriculum and programs for the next two years. 

Who donates the auction items?

Local businesses, parents, teachers and staff. 

How do I bid on auction items?

After you purchase a ticket, you will be assigned a bidder number. Prior to the event you will receive a .pdf describing all the items that will be available for auction. These items will also be on display at the auction. Throughout the evening, you will use your bidder ID to add your bid to the bid sheet. When the auctions closes, the highest bidder wins!