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Join the PTA, Never Forget Another Parent’s Name

Posted Sep 4 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Wondering why you should join the Ames PTA? To get the student directory, of course! (Just kidding, it’s because you want to support all the great PTA programs, like Teacher Appreciation Week, cultural arts programming, the Scholastic Book Fair, social events and more! You can check out this infographic that showcases 10 of our favorite PTA programs.)

But in addition to all that great stuff, when you join the PTA, you’ll also receive the 2021-2022 Ames Student Directory… for just $10! Why is the directory great? It will help you set up playdates with your kid’s new bestie and it’s a lifesaver when you just CANNOT remember that kid’s parent’s name because you swear you are LOSING IT (just us?). Avoid that awkward interaction and get the directory. All you have to do is join the PTA by the end of September to get yours.

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