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Cheat Sheet: Back to School with the PTA

Posted Aug 23, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

PTA Social at Teacher Meet and Greet, August 24, 2-4pm

PTA Meeting, August 25, 8:30am

Kindergarten Picnic, August 25, 11:30am

You’ve already got 123,504 back-to-school to-dos, so we’re going to try to make this simple. Below, we’ve put a together an FAQ-style list with answers to every question you never had about the Ames PTA.

I see there’s a PTA Social at tomorrow’s Teacher Meet and Greet. I’m intrigued…

You can find us the PTA in the Ames parking lot during and after the Teacher Meet and Greet with a Kona’s shaved ice truck (free treats for all!) and information about PTA membership, spirit wear order forms, Ames novelty items like signs and magnets, and more. Stop by after you drop off supplies. The Meet and Greet ends at 3pm, but the PTA party keeps on going until 4pm!

I am the parent of, or know a parent of, an incoming kindergarten. What about me/us/them?

Don’t miss the kindergarden picnic on Wednesday, August 25. The PTA will be there with all the info you need to get involved during the 2021-22 school year.

Know an incoming kindergarten family?

Why wait until tomorrow? I’d like to join the PTA right now. 

YES! Click here to join via Cheddar Up. Membership is $10 and includes a copy of the school directory for your family.

Tell me more about this directory… 

On the Cheddar Up form, you can opt into (or out of) including your family’s information in the school directory, a printed booklet containing the contact info of your child’s new BFF so you can schedule those playdates.

Can I pay you to leave me alone? 

Well, yes, sort of. If you’d like to support the PTA, but prefer to not to purchase things like Charleston Wrap or particpate in restaurant nights, you can choose the “opt out” option on the Chedder Up form. It’s up to you how much you want to donate.

I love meetings. Does the PTA have meetings?

Join us for the first PTA meeting of the year after drop off on the first day of school at 8:30am, near the basketball court. To celebrate the beginning of this relatively normal school year (something we’ll never take for granted again), we’ll have donuts, coffee, and snacks.

I want to do stuff! How do I get involved with this amazing group? 

There are PTA volunteer opportunities small (like helping out for a shift at the book fair) and slightly less small (like joining the PTA board), but we try to keep everything manageable because we know you’re juggling a lot as a parent (that’s right, we said PARENT, as in, not just moms. Dads can get involved too!).

Fill out this form to let us know you’re curious (no strings attached) or flag down a PTA board member at one of the events we mentioned above.

So, what exactly does the PTA do? 

We’re glad you asked. We created a handy infographic that showcases 10 of our favorite PTA programs. When you join the PTA, volunteer to help out, or participate in a fundraiser, you’re supporting programming that enriches our student’s and community’s Ames experience.

New school, who dis? 

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Email AmesElementaryPTA@gmail.com.