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Science in Your Inbox: Layering Liquids

Posted Jan 24, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

In the experiment “Layering Liquids,” you will explore the difference density makes by layering different liquids you probably already have in your pantry or medicine cabinet. 

Download the experiment here.

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PTA Meeting on Jan. 21 with Guest Dr. Ryan-Toye

Posted Jan 19, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Don’t miss the PTA meeting on Thursday, January 21 at 6 p.m. Dr. Martha Ryan-Toye, superintendent of District 96, will be joining us for the meeting. Hear COVID-19 information, updates about the saliva screening program, news from the strategic planning process and more.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83452861090?pwd=clYzU3NOaHFCQy8yNXNINmxtcHpJQT09

Meeting ID: 834 5286 1090

Passcode: 789963

December PTA meeting minutes


Science in Your Inbox: Da Vinci’s Bridge

Posted Jan 17, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

In the experiment “Da Vinci’s Bridge,” you will explore the mechanical engineering required to build a bridge with no mechanical fasteners or adhesives based on one of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs. You will be weaving the sticks together so that the tension between the sticks keeps the bridge together and lifts it off the ground.

Download the experiment here.

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Sizzling Snowballs

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Science in Your Inbox: Sizzling Snowballs

Posted Jan 10, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

This year, the Ames PTA is excited to bring you Science in Your Inbox for the entire month of January. These easy experiments are a great way to enjoy science with your kids while learning! This week’s experiment: Sizzling Snowballs.

Download the experiment here.

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Science In Your Inbox: Making Money Disappear

Posted Jan 4, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

In years past, the Ames PTA has offered the Science in a Bag program, where 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students were able to check out science experiments at school and complete them at home. It was an excellent opportunity for children and parents to interact academically and increase your child’s scientific literacy. This year, to adapt this program to the ongoing circumstances of hybrid and remote schooling, we are offering Science in Your Inbox.

For the next four weeks, we’ll post a science experiment each Monday that you can complete at home with your kids. This week, you’ll learn how to make money disappear. Enjoy!

Download the experiment here.