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PTA Board News

Posted May 19 2020 | Category: Informational



Hello Ames Families, 

At the end of each year we need to nominate and elect the Ames PTA Board for the following year.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place, we were unable to have our end of year meetings to accept nominations and vote on the slate.  We present the slate in its current form through Ames and Ames PTA channels for review.  Please make any nominations or objections to Dawn Eagleson, Nominating Committee Chairperson, by May 22. She can be reached at Dawn.Eagleson@gmail.com.  

Next week we will send out the final slate and will ask Ames PTA members in good standing to vote for the In-School Volunteer Board Member as we have two interested parents (and if there are any others that would like to participate in this or other roles).  We are thrilled to have more parent engagement including new co-presidents to keep the Ames PTA moving into the next few years.  

The current slate presented is: 
President – Susan Wolfe
Vice President #1 – Deanna Melvin; Vice President #2 – Marissa Serio (or Co – Co-Presidents)
Secretary – Patty Romero
Treasurer – Kelly Tabb
Vice President Communications and Membership – Kristin McCormack
Vice President Cultural Arts and Programs – Jennifer Butler
Vice President Fundraising – Auste Graham
Vice President Hospitality – Michelle Galindo
Vice President In-school Volunteers – Domenica Jimenez or Maria Munch (Vote required)

Thank you to our parents taking on PTA Board leadership roles and to all of those that volunteer with the PTA.