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Ames Elementary Virtual Book Fair

Posted Apr 13, 2020 | Category: Book Fair

The Ames Elementary Virtual Book Fair is a fantastic way to get books in the hands of your student(s) now to keep them reading at home. Our online fair starts April 13 and runs through April 26. Start shopping now HERE afameselementaryschool


Check out the Interactive Book Flyer

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All purchases benefit Ames Elementary and earn 25% Scholastic Dollars
Thumbs Up Orders ship direct to home
Thumbs Up Book-only orders over $25* receive FREE shipping


In addition, Scholastic has a free resource available, Scholastic Learn at Home. The Learn at Home hub provides virtual learning opportunities to help students stay academically engaged, with daily lessons for Pre-K through 9th grade students that cover literacy, math, science, and social studies, as well as writing and research projects based on stories and articles, virtual field trips, reading challenges, access to Scholastic Home Base, and more.

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