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Ames Holiday Shop

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The Ames Holiday Shop will soon be open for business! From 11/19 until 11/21 (Tuesday thru Thursday), students will be able to shop with their classes during school hours. Parents and students are welcome to shop during Teacher/Parent conferences from 4:00 until 8:00 PM on 11/21. This exciting program makes it possible for children to experience the joy of choosing their own special holiday gifts for family, friends, and even pets during school hours.  The program also provides a safe learning experience for children in the budgeting and use of money.

Click here for information on how to preview gifts and help your student select gifts for family members, purchase vouchers, and to also donate to our Angel Fund.

Volunteers needed for the Holiday Shop

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Our Holiday Shop will need adult volunteers to help during school hours, especially for the younger classes. Please consider signing up to volunteer during this fun event.

Sign up to Volunteer!

Are you interested in managing the Holiday Shop next year?  Contact Dawn Eagleson if you’d like to learn more about managing this fun event!